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Dr. Yuriy May is Connecticut’s Premier Certified Biological & Cosmetic Dentist (AIAOMT & IABDM)

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Our goal is to provide you with quality information about holistic and biological dentistry and a sense about who we are: Award Winning Biological & Dental Implant Specialists with a flair for beautiful dentistry. As you peruse the pages here we hope to instill in you a high level of confidence in our knowledge and expertise in the reconstruction and holistic dentistry field, resulting in a positive decision to visit our practice. Our world class services include: Anesthesia Free Laser Dentistry • Ozone Therapy • Zirconia Dental Implants • Cosmetic Smile Makeovers • Chemical Free Invisalign • A.L.F. Orthodontic Devices • Biocompatible Esthetic Dental Fillings • Perio Endoscopy • Hybrid Prosthesis Restorations • Safe Amalgam Removal • We strive to forge a partnership between those coming for care and clinical delivery team, offering remarkable dentistry and wellness services in a single, modern, beautiful Connecticut location. So grab a cup of herbal tea or infused hot cider, sit back and enjoy the learning experience. Dentistry as you know it - is about to change forever with Dr. Yuriy May. #thefutureofdentistry #lifetransformation #smilebeautifullyagain #topdentistconnecticut


I owe this man my life. Dr. May did what no other dentist and even doctor could. I had several chronic illnesses which no medical doctor could help me find the cause of, and all they did was give me a ton of pills, made me pay over $80k in bills, and ultimately, made me worse. After meeting Dr. May, he discovered a massive bone infection under several root canals, and performed 2 cavitation procedures. My life changed within 10 days of the procedures. I felt alive again. No more pills. No more useless doctors. I trust Dr. May with my life, because that is exactly what he gave back to me. Thank you! Your biggest fan.

Frank G. Simsbury, CT February 7, 2016

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Award Winning Natural Dentist

Dr. Yuriy May

Dr. May is an esteemed AIAOMT member, and a recognized leader in advanced dental reconstruction and natural dental aesthetics, which is one of the reasons he is known as both the least invasive and most technologically advanced doctor in the state of Connecticut by peers and patients alike. As a holistic dentist, Dr. Yuriy May employs the use of metal toxicity testing, biocompatible metal-free dental implants, essential oils, homeopathy, ozone therapy, IV Nutritional Therapy and other natural modalities of dental treatment and prevention, alongside impressively new and minimally invasive technology, like the new FDA-approved, revolutionary Solea Laser. Natural Dentistry is the premier holistic dental practice serving Connecticut's West Hartford, Greater Hartford, Farmington Valley, Glastonbury and the entire Tri-State area.