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Safe Dental Amalgam Removal, also known as Safe Mercury Removal, Safe Silver Filling Removal and Safe Metal Removal, is an extremely dangerous and hazardous procedure if not done correctly by an IAOMT certified dentist, specifically a dentist who doesn’t understand or isn’t aware of the dangers of amalgam mercury removal and required procedures to keep patients and staff safe. Studies have cited the deteriorating mental and physical condition of non-mercury-safe dentists that have lacked of awareness about the toxicity and danger of removing dental amalgams without proper safety protocols. Due to the constant and continuous exposure to vaporized mercury that occurs during drilling amalgam fillings without proper protection, publications have speculated that there is a strong correlation between dentists holding the highest suicides rates among all medical professions and their extremely high exposure to mercury.

What is Dental Amalgam? What is Mercury?

The dental amalgam metal that is in patients’ teeth has the following chemical makeup, by weight:
Mercury amalgam (silver) fillings material composition:

  • 50% mercury
  • 35% silver
  • 15% copper, nickel, tin, zinc, other

Mercury is the THIRD most toxic substance known to man • Mercury is more toxic than Lead, Arsenic, and Cadmium(1)

Mercury amalgam was first introduced to North America in 1833, during which time, it was believed that when liquid mercury was inserted into an alloy (mixed metal) compound and the metals hardened the mercury was permanently “locked into” the amalgamation of metal and no longer could pose a danger to the body because the mercury could not escape. Unfortunately, this false belief mistakenly persists today and is perpetuated by several medical and dental societies and currently the FDA, who have been embroiled in decades of controversy from agencies ranging to the EPA, IAOMT, IABDM, ASDS and HDA.

Dental amalgam fillings have been shown to emit mercury vapors continuously, especially during brushing and consuming hot liquids. It is now generally accepted that mercury is being released (i.e.leaching from amalgam fillings) in small amounts from the filling during its entire lifetime. However, controversy exits whether the amount of mercury vapor released from amalgam fillings is enough to cause harm to individuals. Most traditional dentists, take the approach that amalgam fillings are harmless and the amount of vapor releases is below the exposure required to cause neurotoxicity and disease. Dr. Yuriy May, an accredited member if the IAOMT (International Academy of Oral Medicine & Toxicology) believes that no amount of mercury exposure is safe to humans, especially mercury that is continuously being released over a lifetime, as supported by years of research and education.

Heavy metal toxicity from constant small amounts of mercury exposure (i.e.leaching) is an overlooked problem in dentistry today. Part of this problem is the controversial threshold for toxicity, which varies from person to person. The bottom line is that cumulative exposure to the mercury,the third most toxic element known to humans, will eventually cause mercury toxicity or at the very least place stress on individuals’ immune systems.

Proper removal of mercury amalgam fillings has become a specialty Natural Dentistry and Dr. May

Consider the following facts:

  • Mercury fillings continually vaporize (i.e. leach mercury vapor) in the mouth especially when chewing, brushing, or drinking hot liquids.
  • As mercury vapor is inhaled and swallowed, it is readily absorbed into the blood stream, passing through the various organs and into the brain.
  • Mercury from dental amalgam fillings becomes widely distributed throughout the body and can stay lodged for long periods of time, typically accumulating over a lifetime.
  • In autopsy studies, there is a correlation between the amount of mercury in brain tissue and the number of mercury amalgam fillings in the mouth.
  • The mercury absorbed from dental amalgams can cause body chemistry and organ function to change.

These changes can be subtle, but continually present over long periods of time and can end up being detrimental to certain individuals. Additionally, since each amalgam filling is an alloy, meaning a mix of numerous metals, there are at least five different metals inside each mercury amalgam filling, and this can cause electrical current problems in the mouth, known as galvanic effects.

Natural Dentistry’s Rigorous Safe Amalgam Removal Process

In order to ensure safety during dental amalgam removal for both patients and staff, a rigorous and robust process must be adhered to in order to reduce mercury vaporizing into the operatory air, keeping the mercury from entering the patient’s separate air supply, prevent mercury dust elements from landing on patients hair/skin/mouth, and ultimately to isolate and trap all mercury particle and dust in a mercury-safe biohazard filter. In this process there are a series of steps and precautions that must be followed in order to minimize mercury exposure to the patient, Dr. May and dental staff. All Natural Dentistry patients will be fully educated on the protocol, process and what to expect during the procedure.

Prepare the body for the amalgam removal procedure by following Dr. May’s prescribed Mercury Removal Conditioning Protocol

1. Keep the fillings cool

Mercury amalgam removal must be conducted under a continuous and copious quantity of cold water spray. The cold water prevents the dental burr from heating up during its contact with the amalgam filling, which creates heat from friction. During the heat process, the amalgam filling heats up and releases more mercury into the air than when its a cool state. By keeping the temperature of the amalgam filling cool, Dr. May is able to reduce the vaporization of mercury reducing the contamination of the air supply and oral cavity.

2. Provide an alternative air source

All patients having mercury amalgam removal procedures are given an alternative air source and instructed not to breathe through their mouth during treatment. A sealed nasal hood with oxygen is used throughout the mercury amalgam removal procedure. Dr. Yuriy May and his staff also wear full face mercury vapour filtration (gas) masks to prevent mercury from entering their breathing passages and lungs for protection.

3. Cover and protect all exposed skin

The serious protective measures include Dr. May and the highly trained dental assistant donning a disposable full body suit (similar to CDC Level 4 suits), a fully sealed hair cover, preventing air or particles from landing on their clothes and skin, elbow length gloves to prevent mercury dust from traveling up their sleeves, and full facial shields over their mask as an additional measure of keeping the mercury vapor away from their eyes, nose and ears and gas mask filtration chamber. Too many times, Natural Dentistry has observed skin irritations developing on patients and staff from an accumulation of mercury dust landing on exposed skin, and has made it a policy to cover all exposed skin, nails and hair to prevent dermal mercury reactions.

4. Section off that portion of the mouth

A latex free rubber dam, made of specific material that is non-metal reactive is always used during the mercury amalgam removal procedure to prevent inhalation and settlement of the mercury vapour and dust within the mouth. The purpose of the heavy duty and speacially formulated dental dam is to also prevent highly hazardous ingestion of mercury particulate (pieces that are larger than vapor).

5. Cover and protect all exposed skin, hair and nails

In addition the dental dam, the patients face is fully covered with a moist paper towel, large dark oversize glasses, ears are covered with over the year noise-canceling high-fidelity BEATS wireless headphones, hair is covered with tight sealed disposable bonnet, the patient’s body and clothes are covered with a full disposable blanket and they are asked to wear gloves protecting the skin on their hands. This is to protect the patient from accumulating mercury particulate on their skin, hair or clothes and to protect their eyes and ears from exposure to both the mercury dust and vapor.

6. Apply a cut and chunk drilling technique

Dr. May has spend over 500 hours in hands on training and scientific studies on both the chemical properties and toxicity of mercury and the proper safe mercury removal protocols with focus on detoxification, toxicity reversal and amalgam removal. Due to this, Dr. May is one of a handful of top trained amalgam removal dentists in the country who is familiar with the “cut & chunk” technique. This requires using a very crude dental drill which can break the amalgam up into 3-4 large pieces preventing vaporization and creating a large amount of mercury particulate. Regular dentist who instead drill with a standard dental drill or even worse, a smaller dental drill are actually actually drilling the amalgam, heating it up and thus dangerously vaporizing it both from the physical act of drilling and the heat stimulation causing the mercury to further dissociate from the bonded metal alloy.

7. Use a high volume evacuator

Once the removal process has started, mercury vapor and particulate will be continuously released from the tooth during the removal procedure. A high volume evacuator (suction) tip is kept near the tooth at all times during the removal procedure to evacuate any vapor and particulate from the labial and nasal area. Particles of mercury alloy are washed and vacuumed away as soon as they are generated. The Dental Solution office has a massive industrial sized air suction and purification machine which has the capability to clear and purify the air of a 5,000 sq ft facility in just under 3 minutes, allowing the air to be fully purified in Dr. May’s custom build 250 sq ft dental operatory every 10 seconds. This means that between the alternative air supply, fully covered hair, skin, nails, clothes, hair and the doctor’s filtration face masks, no one is exposed to mercury vapor during the procedure and all mercury dust is virtually non-existent. The suction tube is 8 inches in diameter and resides 2 inches from patients’ face during the amalgam removal procedure.

8. Keep the treatment room air pure and flowing

Natural Dentistry houses over 40,000 BTU of air purifiers, exhaust suction, in addition to ionizers and carbon floor filters for maximum quality of air as measured by air purity and no mercury microparticles. This level of dedication and resources solely for keeping the air purified and clean ensures patients’ and staffs’ safety and wellbeing. All our operatories have been constructed with amalgam removal procedures in mind, and there is a high turnover of airflow (10 seconds or less) in each treatment room at all times.

9. Further Detoxification is CRITICAL to successful mercury removal from all bodily tissues

Removing mercury amalgams from your mouth is ONLY eliminating the primary and major source of mercury leaching into the body. The next step is to get help to rid the body of its mercury burden. Dr. May has worked with world renowned chelation specialists and MDs specializing in detoxification to create an incredibly effective detoxification and chelation protocol through supplementation and other modalities. Additionally, Dr. May works and partners with all Connecticut, U.S. and International based naturopaths, cancer clinics, functional MDs and osteopaths to create highly customized chelation protocol based on each patients unique health situation and ongoing health conditions. If a patient does not have an alternative care physician who has knowledge of detoxification and the mercury detoxification / chelation protocol requires unique modifications, Dr. May will refer patients to his detoxification specialists in and outside of Connecticut to create a customs individual detoxification programs and oversee the patient progress in partnership with a physician. Please ask Natural Dentistry about our physician partners and detoxification physician specialists as referrals can be made for those who make requests.

Symptoms of Mercury Poisoning

Recognized by the ADA

It is well known that mercury (Hg) will store first in the kidneys, second in the liver, third in neurological (brain) tissue and fourth dispersed through the rest of the body. Symptoms related to mercury toxicity are vast; however, even the American Dental Association (ADA) admits to the following symptoms:

  • Tremor observed in the fine voluntary muscle movement (such as handwriting), eventually progressing to convulsions and seizures.
  • Depression, fatigue, increased irritability, moodiness and nervous excitability, especially when under stress.
  • Inability to concentrate; loss of memory.
  • Insomnia or drowsiness.
  • Nausea and diarrhea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Birth defects in offspring.
  • Nephritis or symptoms of kidney disease.
  • Swollen glands and tongue.
  • Ulceration of oral mucosa.
  • Dark Pigmentation of marginal and loosening of teeth.
  • Even Colgate, the toothpaste giant of America, admits some risk to amalgam fillings…

Politicians Supporting Amalgam Restrictions & Lobbying Against Amalgam Use in Dentistry

  • Senator Patty Murray of Washington write FDA
  • Congressman Jim Moran of Virginia
  • Senator Mike Enzi of Wyoming
  • Senator Richard Lugar of Indiana
  • Congressman Adam Schiff of California
  • Senator Mark Udall of Colorado
  • Congressman Dan Burton of Indiana

All mentioned above have written the FDA regarding restricting, curtailing or stopping amalgam us in density on behalf of constituents in the past.


  1. “Metals and Neurotoxic Effect” Journal of Comparable Pathology, 1981