New Patient Policies, Forms & Instructions

New Patients – Please Read This Before Your Appointment

Natural Dentistry New Patient Policies

At Natural Dentistry, we treat our patients with , and truth be told, the new patient wait list is long for more than that reason: Dr. Yuriy May has studied, developed and implemented some of the world’s most sought-after health therapies, currently not found in any other dental office in Connecticut and practiced by less than 1% of dentists in the USA! (Yes, our Dr. May is in the top 1% of dentists in the country!) In addition, his smile makeover and full mouth reconstruction work has won awards, accolades, been published; this is perpetuated by the fact that Dr. May continuously produces amazing aesthetic dental results for local media personalities, Hollywood actors, politicians, entrepreneurs, doctors, authors, business executives, professional athletes and extremely health conscientious individuals. Due to the success of Dr. Yuriy May’s treatments and the rigorous protocols he has developed to optimize aesthetic and clinical results, all new patients must comply with our New Patient Protocols and Diagnostic Policies.

While we’d love to accommodate our new patients in everything our team can, there really is no flexibility in the new patient diagnostic policies and all patients must be in compliance with the protocol or will, unfortunately, be dismissed before meeting with the doctor at the start of their first appointment. While this rarely happens, it’s Natural Dentistry’s philosophy to be fully transparent with our valued and prized existing and new patients. Please carefully read the New Patent Policy below to determine whether our protocol is acceptable to you and whether you are going to become a new patient. If you’ve already booked your appointment prior to reading the New Patient Policy and wish to cancel your appointment, please do so within 72 business hours to avoid a late cancellation fee!

Sidenote: We our new patients and are so grateful they considered us – but protocols must be followed for diagnostic procedures as outline in this document, otherwise, they wouldn’t be “protocols” – right?)

Natural Dentistry’s New Patient Policies

All new patients must undergo the New Patient Policies which include the below mandatory diagnostics and documentation collected at the first appointment (in our office) in order for accurate, appropriate and timely diagnosis and treatment plan by Dr. Yuriy May. If you bring in records from outside offices (PAs, CBCT scans, MRIs, X-Rays, etc) they will be reviewed but will NOT qualify for opting out of the New Patient Policy mandatory diagnostics that need to be done in our office on the first appointment.

All new patients must undergo the below during their first appointment prior to seeing Dr. Yuriy May:

  • CBCT (Conebeam 3D Scan of their jaws and teeth) using low dose radiation
  • Full set of Canon facial & oral photos
  • Intraoral (inside the mouth) photos of the teeth and gums
  • Intraoral (inside the mouth) T-Scan for occlusal analysis

All new adult patients refusing a CBCT, facial photos, intraoral scans, and/or a T-Scan will be asked to leave prior to entering the office and will not have the opportunity to meet with the doctor. This is very unfortunate, and at Natural Dentistry we hope all our new patients understand how important it is to undergo all diagnostics for a well considered, accurate and clinically comprehensive diagnosis and treatment plan.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our office over the phone. New patients’ existing records, old or new, do not allow any patients to avoid any of the four mandatory diagnostics to be completed in our office the day of the new appointment.

New Patient First Appointment Instructions

In order to make all our amazing new patients experience the ultimate experience at Natural Dentistry, we would like you to come in with a positive attitude, an open mind, and prepare to be wowed.

Below is a short list of what we’d like you to do on your first appointment, so we can be ready to give you the ultimate experience – dentistry like you’ve never experienced it before:

  • You brushed your teeth prior to the appointment
  • All your new patient forms completed, especially a detailed medical history
  • You arrive 20 minutes prior to the start of your appointment
  • You read and understood the financial agreement and signed it
  • Be Photoshoot Ready:
    If a female: You wear your best makeup, style your hair and wear an outfit that makes you feel confident
    If a male: You shave (or trim your facial hair), brush your hair, wear a shirt that makes you feel handsome

  • Google your questions before you come (preparation is your friend)
  • Bring your typed up questions, after you’ve done some research
  • Prepare to see the most amazing version of yourself and your smile – a virtual smile makeover that blows most people away (don’t be surprised – key words: Award winning smile design specialist)
  • Ladies, bring lip gloss/lipstick to freshen up before the photo shoot!
  • Have fun, bring good energy, keep your mind open, and remember – Dr. May is here to help you feel great, look great and be great.

In case you need to cancel your appointment, please cancel as early as possible, with AT LEAST 72 business hours in advance (weekends don’t count) to avoid being charged the late cancellation fee. Dr. May has a wait list – if you can’t make it, Natural Dentistry wants to help the health and beauty of another deserving patient – we’re here to benefit all!