CEREC 1-Visit Dentistry

In-Office Chemical-Free Lab = 1 Day Metal-Free, BPA Free, Beautiful Restoration

Dr. May has an in-house high-tech laboratory allowing him to create beautiful and customized CEREC crowns and onlays and to practice minimally invasive dentistry. Often, general dentists will crown the tooth as soon as the filling breaks down or the decay is too large for a single filling. However, Dr. May’s philosophy is to save as much heathy tooth structure as possible and to help heal the inflammation and damage that has already taken place. When Dr. May cannot repair the tooth structure with our specially sourced,  BPA Free/BISgma Free composite filling, he will attempt to do either a 1/4 tooth to 3/4 tooth only, which has the permanence and protection of a metal-free ceramic crown, but can preserve significantly more tooth structure. This is also known as an inlay.

Chemical-Free Lab & Design Process







Crown vs BPA Free Composite Filling