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Natural & Holistic Dentistry

Best Holistic Dentist in West Hartford CT and all Connecticut specializing in dental implants, safe amalgam mercury removal, ozone therapy, functional orthodontics and amazing cosmetic dental reconstruction: Dr. Yuriy May | Natural Dentistry

What is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic Dentistry is the only true form of Health-Focused Dentistry, and is also referred to using the following terminology:

  • Biological Dentistry
  • Metal-Free Dentistry
  • Toxic-Free Dentistry
  • Natural Dentistry

Holistic dentistry enlists the full body and mind in the care and maintenance of the mouth, the gateway to our entire bodies. It is the art and science of medicine that focuses on the care of the whole person, harnessing the body’s innate healing powers. Dr. Yuriy May, a nationally recognized and exceptionally trained Holistic Dentist & Dental Implant Specialist, focuses on a proven natural and scientific approach prior to using pharmacological modalities to treat disease processes, as a measure of last resort. As part of the holistic nature of treatment of the mouth and body, Dr. May proactively monitors overall health factors including focuses heavily on the condition of oral terrain, examining nutritional habits, exercise patterns, exposure to environmental toxins and overall lifestyle choices. Dr. May is able to determine a great deal about patients’ overall health by examining the mouth. At Natural Dentistry, the focus is always on the root cause of the symptom and overall conditions, instead of its symptoms.

Only the top holistic dentists in the country, Dr. Yuriy May included, apply a dental approach that promotes a holistic medicine philosophy, focusing on health and wellness rather than just treating periodontal disease or straightening teeth. The goal is to harmonize patients’ dental wellness with their overall physical and mental well-being through the use of non-toxic and biocompatible dental materials and by removing those dental materials shown to be incompatible and harmful to the patient. Natural Dentistry knows all too well about the harmful effects of dental toxins on overall health, from seeing and treating thousands of patients who’ve experienced debilitating effects of dental toxins and hidden oral infections. Because of this, Dr. May’s expertise is key in identifying, isolating and and opting to remove the often unrecognized factors from the patients mouth.

Aside from removing toxic elements and dental materials from patients’ mouth such as amalgam (mercury) fillings and corrosive metals in implants and other restorations, Natural Dentistry focuses on reinstating health and recovery in the mouth. This is done by cleansing the body of toxins that have accumulated in the body through both removal of toxic dental materials in the mouth and detoxification of the stored toxins in the body. It is well documented that toxicity in the mouth impairs the overall immune system, the Dr. May heavily focuses on removing harmful infections and materials to restore and strengthen the immune systems while reducing systemic inflammation.

Health-Focused Holistic Dentistry is not conventional in all ways, but always strives for ultimate health and individual biocompatibility for each patient. Employing the use of laser dentistry, metal-free and BPA-free materials, ozone therapy, zirconia dental implants, platelet-rich fibrin therapy, intravenous nutritional therapy, homeopathy, detoxification and chelation, and other unique modalities of treatment, Dr. Yuriy May has helped thousands of patients regain their health and achieve vitality.

About Natural Dentistry, The Premier Holistic Dental Practice in Connecticut

Natural Dentistry’s Dr. Yuriy May is the first and remains the only to offer a one-of-a-kind elite customer experience in Connecticut, offering streaming Netflix movies on an iPad during procedures with noise-canceling headphones for podcasts/music, hand treatments and in summer months freshly squeezed green juice. In the winter, our office offers locally sourced, organic, preservative-free, hot apple cider infused with cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg and cloves herbs and essential oils. Natural Dentistry staff & Dr. May aim to amaze and inspire you to run, not walk, the marathon to health!

The high-end advanced reconstruction and natural dental practice has been on the forefront of bringing new technologies to its patients, with full no anesthesia and no drill laser technology for fillings. Dr.  Yuriy May is the premier holistic dental specialist in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts and is locally known for his biological dentistry leadership in Greater Hartford Connecticut, holding numerous lectures in West Hartford CT. Unlike other local offices, Dr. Yuriy May has cosmetic and holistic dental patients from across the country and even the globe, stretching into Eastern and Western Europe for full mouth reconstruction cases and intense detoxification protocols. Natural Dentistry is the #1 Safe Mercury Removal Dental Practice in all of Connecticut, is the #1 Ceramic/Zirconia Dental Implant Specialist in Connecticut and is the #1 Top Holistic Dentist in Connecticut using the FDA approved Solea Laser for everyday dental procedures.

Natural Dentistry is the leader in Dentistry 2.0: a premium, modern, minimally invasive form of diagnostic dentistry

Natural Density and Dr. May have responded to patients need for a more comprehensive level of service —one that addresses the patients’ total health — more than just cosmetic enhancement. There have been many interesting health-related dental developments over the last three decades, and Dr. May has incorporated the most cutting edge and clinically effective treatments, including:

  • The treatment of airway problems in adults and children;
  • Better diagnosis of TMJ dysfunction with sophisticated procedures and equipment
  • Orofacial myology including an appreciation of tethered oral tissues
  • Cone beam computed tomography as an adjunct in orthodontic diagnosis
  • Magnetic resonance imaging.

These phenomena are the result of Dr. May being an advanced, experienced dental practitioner striving to address patient needs that could not be met within the old paradigm of “drill and fill” dentistry. Natural Dentistry understands that the latest advancements in dentistry and its direct relationship to overall full body health are strong indicators of bigger, more subtle biological forces at work that traditional dentistry seldom focused on. Collectively, Natural Dentistry’s diagnostic services offer vital clues to a very different way of viewing the body.

Premier Holistic Dentistry Services Offered

100% Metal Free Dental Restorations

To avoid galvanizing effects of having numerous metals in the mouth, we focus on the most bio-inert, biocompatible, aesthetic and functional restorations that are metal free.

100% Metal Free, Biocompatible Ceramic Implants

Zirconia dental implants are the ultimate aesthetic, healthy as well as a metal free implant solution, with improved gum healing, durability and osseo-integration.

No Shot, No Drill Laser Fillings

Offering brand new technology as the first dentist in Greater Hartford – Dr. May has the ability to fulfill the desire of dental patients all over the world for decades; drill-free, shot-free dentistry! We are the first practice in CT to offer this incredible, mind-blowing no-pain, no shot, no drill, laser technology that is revolutionizing dentistry, starting with our office.

Dental Material Compatibility Testing/ Metal Toxicity Testing

Over 11,000 dental materials tested for compatibility with your individual body alongside testing for existing metal accumulation.

Safe Amalgam (Silver Fillings) Removal w/ Full Pre & Post-Procedure Detox Protocols

Safe Amalgam Removal with Full Pre-Procedure and Post-Procedure Detox Protocols
We are the #1 Safe Amalgam removal in Connecticut. Working in conjunction with over 15 naturopaths in West Hartford, Manchester, Hartford, Glastonbury, Farmington and Avon, we partner with other medical practitioners specializing in detoxification to ensure the mercury is cleansed from your system.

BPA Free, Monomer(Plastic)-Free Dental Fillings

The least toxic composite filling alternative available on the dental market.

Ozone Therapy

Used in all surgical procedures, to treat gum disease, tooth pain, reduce inflammation, improve healing time and to treat infections.

Laser Therapy

Used as a low intensity laser to treat TMJ and improve gum healing time and reduce pain after procedures.

Advanced Lightwire Functionals (“ALF”)

Dr. Yuriy May is the only Central Connecticut dentist offering the health optimizing, functional osteopathic teeth straightening, palate expansion ALF device that addresses: misalignment of teeth, sleep apnea, facial bone reformation, TMJ pain, and even remediating fibromyalgia and behavioral issues. This results not only in beautiful teeth alignment, replacing need for braces and Invisalign, but also completely brings the head, neck, jaw, and breathing canals into alignment, while improving meridian energy flows instantaneously. Learn more as it relates to children in this video

IV Nutritional & Detox Therapy

Natural Dentistry’s Dr. Yuriy May is the only dentist in Connecticut offering Nutritional IV Therapy, a well-known and accepted treatment in Europe, IV Nutritional Therapies are administered in our office by Dr. May and effectively fight infections, inflammation, allergies from dental materials, Lyme disease complications and side-effects from heavy metal toxicity and chemotherapy along with promoting healing after procedures. Choose from Vitamin C, Magnesium +B, Myers Cocktail, Glutathione and Vitamin B12 therapies, along with customized “supercharged” IV therapies. Doctor’s IV prescription required.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Full Airway & Oral Cavity Analysis and non-invasive treatments, helping you get more oxygen into your body so you can increase vitality, improve and increase quality sleep and dramatically improve your wellbeing.

Low Dose Radiation 3D Dental CAT Scans (CBCT) w/ Iodine Supplementation

For radiation and EMF sensitive patients, we offer the latest technology to offer full 3D CAT hospital grade CAT scans at reduced radiation settings, allowing the 3D image to be formed with approximately 15x radiation than typical full head 3D Scans. This setting is used not only for those with cancer in their medical history or family history, but also for EMF sensitive individuals, children and pregnant and lactating women. Typically, Dr. May advises pregnant women to hold their dental work until after birth, except in the case of a dental emergency.

Natural Cosmetic Restorations – Veneers, Crowns

Like mother nature intended, but even better. Dr. May designs smiles to look both amazing and amazingly natural. Often called by patients as “the transformation artist” based on his award winning cosmetic results.

Nutritional Counseling for Alkaline Balance

Specializing in oral flora analysis, with supplements, homeopathy & probiotics to rebalance oral flora. Focusing on helping to resolve gastrointestinal issues as well as oral, such as candida albicans overgrowth the mouth and gastrointestinal tract, Dr. May helps many patients resolve their oral inflammation and reduce oral pathogens by also focusing on rebalancing the gut bacteria in favor of overall health.

Cavitation Analysis & Treatment

Dr. May uses advanced 3D imagine i-Cat imaging technology (with ultra low dose x-ray exposure) to uncover mandible and maxilla lesions in bone structure, deep infections and fractures that other dentists don’t have the ability to diagnose or treat. Our patients have seen dramatic improvements to their health after treatment of some deeply rooted issues we’ve helped uncover and treat.

Fluoride-Free Natural Re-mineralizing Treatments

Natural Dentistry offers natural, toxic-free ways to rebuild and strengthen your enable and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

Natural Tooth Whitening Treatments

A newer no-sensitivity, no toxins formula that doesn’t break down tooth enamel, does not cause even slight sensitivity and is even safe for pregnant & lactating women – in office & take home options available.

Invisalign® & Chemical Free Liners

Our holistic dental office has partnered with Invisalign® to provide a special type of Invisalign® liner that is a chemical free, and we offer to our holistic dental patients. This is recommended for chemically sensitive individuals, those with allergies/autoimmune conditions and all pregnant and lactating women.

And much more!