Tooth Body Connection: Meridian Tooth Map

The Core Principle of Holistic Dentistry

The fundamentals of holistic dentistry is the following:  Teeth are very much directly connected to every single bodily function, organ, tissue and cell. This is through not only our perfuse, fluid, dynamic and permeable biology and biochemistry but also through the body’s lesser know superhighways, known as Energy Meridians.

Energy Meridians

Meridians of the body affect every organ and physiological system inside of us. They are invisible to the human eye, yet critical in health and disease processes. In the same way that arteries carry blood, meridians carry energy, often referred to as energy “chi” in eastern medicine.  Meridians are our body’s “energy bloodstream.” They bring vitality and balance, remove energy blockages, stagnations and imbalances, adjust metabolism and determine the speed and form of cellular change. Their flow is as critical to health. Meridians of the body affect all major systems including: immune, nervous, endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, skeletal, muscular and the lymphatic system. If a meridian’s energy is obstructed or unregulated, the system it feeds on is jeopardized, and disease results.(1)


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