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Natural & Holistic Dentistry Blog

What is a Holistic Dentist?

Choosing a Holistic Dentist What is a holistic dentist? A holistic dentist is also a biological dentist who often has an understanding of the interplay between oral and systemic health and keenly understands the role of infections and chronic inflammation in the body. Holistic dentists often share general beliefs including: Mercury is a toxic neurotoxin…

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Are Root Canals Bad For You?

What do you do when you’re told you need a root canal? In truth, you have several options, so read this page first! Root canals are not recommended or preferred in biological and holistic dentistry. Holistic and biological medicine believes that all of our organs are essential and vital, including our teeth. Once the tooth…

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Dangers of Root Canals

Dangers of Root Canals Dangers of Root Canals that Your [Conventional] Dentist “Forgot” to Tell You About Side effects of root canals have been studied and documented, but are not well known by conventional dentists. Dangers behind root canals include burden and stress to the body, potential low-grade and acute infections, a potential increase in…

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California Keeps Warning Label on Amalgams

Mercury is Still Dangerous… Despite what the Dental Board Wants You to Think In November of 2010, the California Dental Board announced it would be reviewing the Watson Law fact sheet (a sheet of paper dentist are required to make available to patients that states warnings on various dental materials, including mercury amalgam fillings). The…

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