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How To Select the Best Holistic Dentist for Amalgam Removal?

When you start on your journey of selecting the top biological or holistic dentist in the USA, its best to start with the source, IAOMT.Org which is considered the global professional body of knowledge and professional organization for all things holistic dentistry. First, you need you understand that IAOMT membership doesn’t cost anything for any…

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Alternatives to Root Canals

Is Extraction the Only Option? We talk a lot about the alternatives to root canals typically the only alternative mentioned is extraction of the tooth. But is that really the only alternative? Surely there must be other options, right? This was the question posed by Sean after listening to recent podcasts (Root Canals, Infections, Formaldehyde,…

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Dangers of Root Canals

Everything Your [Traditional] Dentist “Forgot” to Tell You About the Danger of Root Canals Discover the hidden secrets behind root canals: the systemic link, the dangers never warned about by traditional dentists, the alternatives, and what you can do if you’ve already had a root canal. Knowledge is power and Natural Dentistry will empower you…

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California Keeps Warning Label on Amalgams

Mercury is Still Dangerous… Despite what the Dental Board Wants You to Think In November of 2010, the California Dental Board announced it would be reviewing the Watson Law fact sheet (a sheet of paper dentist are required to make available to patients that states warnings on various dental materials, including mercury amalgam fillings). The…

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