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Ozone Therapy in Dentistry – Reversing Caries and Tooth Infections

What is Ozone and its role in the reversal of dental caries in dentistry as an effective Therapy used by Dr. May?

Dental Caries & Ozone Therapy

Ozone is effectively used as an antibacterial agent to treat oral infections caused by Actinomyces naeslundii, Lactobacilli casei and Streptococcus mutans. Exposure to ozone gas for approximately 60 seconds exhibits 99.9 % killing efficiency but exposure of 10 seconds to 30 seconds was proved effective to kill significant number of bacteria.(1)

How does Ozone Therapy work on Dental Caries, Physiology and Biochemistry

When ozone enters the system it reacts with biomolecules (PUFA, antioxidants) present in the plasma, the reaction yields hydrogen peroxide (among other possible ROS) and lipid oxidation products (LOPS).  The sudden rise in plasma concentration of hydrogen peroxide generates a gradient, which causes its rapid transfer into blood cells where, in a few seconds, it activates several biochemical processes and simultaneously undergoes reduction to water by the efficient intracellular antioxidant system of the body.

Dr. Yuriy May generates ozone gas and ozone water in Connecticut office daily

While ozone gas is created in a number of different ways, including ultra violet (UV) light, corona discharge of electricity through an oxygen stream (including air), and via chemical methods. To create Ozone Gas Dr. Yuriy May uses the most robust and high-quality form of ozone gas generation, using an industrial size, commercial grade ozone generator. Dr. May’s ozone generator pumps the environments filtered ambient air (oxygen) through an air gap between a high voltage electrode and a stainless steel grounding electrode. During the passing of the air, an “energy field of electrons” is created by the high voltage electrode and instantly converts oxygen molecules (O2) molecules into ozone molecules (O3).

Other Applications of Ozone Therapy
Major Ozone Autohemotherapy (AHT): This term indicates the classical and unsurpassed procedure in which blood is withdrawn from the body, mixed with ozone gas, and then injects it back into the body through a vein or muscle by IV or intravenous injection (major AHT) or (minor AHT) into the donor. “Major” and “minor” are only meant to indicate a different volume of blood: 50-100 ml for the former and 5-10 ml for the latter.

Ozone Gas Rectal Insufflation (RI) Payr and Aubourg, in 1936, introduced a mixture of ozone and oxygen into the rectum and absorbed in the body through the intestine. This method is used for a variety of health illness with various symptoms including leaky gut and considered one of the safest methods of administration. It does cause some gassy ozone smells in a room post-anal insufflation! Watch out!