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Smile Makeover Before & After | Zirconia Implants | Veneers & Full Mouth Smile Gallery

Below is a small purview into the lives and incredible transformative dentistry of several of Dr. May’s patients. These are real-life patients who have experienced absolutely transformative ​biological dentistry, full mouth reconstruction dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry by Dr. May. Please click on each patient case to know more about the patients’ clinical presentations, their experience with traditional and other dentists before finding Dr. May, and the specifics of their cosmetic dentistry and zirconia implant dentistry with Dr. May. Any case title or case description you see with the sign is clickable with more specific case information and explanations for the specific treatment completed.

Full Mouth Ceramic Implant All on 4/6/8/10+ Cases:

(Click on the thumbnail images for full-size images & case details )

Zirconia Implants Upper All On 6 Dr. Yuriy May Full Mouth Reconstruction Metal Free Implants Ceramic Implants Full Mouth Best Ceramic Implant Dentist USA

All on 6 Zirconia Implants Upper – Full Mouth Dental Implants METAL-FREE

All on 4 All on 6 Zirconia Implant Full Mouth Reconstruction All on 4 Ceramic Dental Implants Dr. Yuriy May Best Zirconia Implant Dentist USA

All on 8 Zirconia Implants Full Upper Arch – 11 Ceramic Implants Total – Full Mouth Reconstruction Case METAL-FREE

Ceramic Dental Implants All on 6 Double Arch Full Mouth Zirconia Dental Implant All on 8 All on 4 Metal Free Implants Best Implant Dentist USA Natural Dentistry Dr. Yuriy May

DOUBLE ARCH 15 Zirconia Implants Full Upper & Lower Arch Metal Free Full Mouth Reconstruction – All on 7 Ceramic Implants Upper + All on 8 Ceramic Implants Lower










All on 6 Ceramic Implants Zirconia Implants Metal Free

All on 6 Ceramic Implants Lower Arch – Full Mouth Reconstruction – METAL FREE Zirconia Implants

Ceramic Implants Full Mouth Reconstruction 10 Zirconia Dental Implants Mixed Dentition Full Mouth Metal-Free Zirconia Implants Dr. Yuriy May USA

10 Zirconia Implants – Ceramic Implant Full Mouth Reconstruction with Mixed Dentition

Smile Makeover: Porcelain Veneer Natural Smile

Best Cosmetic Dentist Connecticut New York Porcelain Veneers Hollywood Smile Cosmetic Dentist Veneers Natural Dentistry Dr. Yuriy May

Smile Makeover: Front Tooth Zirconia Implant & Crown

Best Cosmetic Dentist NY CT NJ MA Zirconia Dental Implants | Natural Dentistry Dr. Yuriy May Veneers

Makeover Smile Makeover: Botched Crowns Redo with
Porcelain Veneer & Crown

Botched Dental Veneers Re-Do | Top Cosmetic Dentist Smile Makeover Fix Bad Veneers Dr. Yuriy May CT NJ NY MA RI

Natural Smile Makeover: Dental Veneers – 8 Front Teeth

Dental Porcelain Veneers Celebrity Smile Makeover Best Cosmetic Dentist CT NY NJ MA RI Dr. Yuriy May | Veneers

Smile Makeover: Veneers & Root Canal Cover Up

Best Cosmetic Dentist NY CT NJ MA Natural Smile Makeover Natural Dentistry Dr. Yuriy May Veneers Holistic Dentist

Natural Smile Makeover: 2 Front Porcelain Veneers

Best Cosmetic Dentist CT Dr. Yuriy May Connecticut Porcelain Veneers Cosmetic Dentistry Before After

Full Upper Arch Reconstruction: All on 6 Dental Implant with Zirconia layered with Porcelain Prosthetics

All On 6 Full Mouth Reconstruction with Zirconia Immediate Denture Bridge Dr. May Best Implant Dentist

More cases coming soon! Watch videos below….

Dr. Yuriy May Smile Before & After Transformation Videos – Zirconia Implants & Smile Makeovers

Watch below to see a number of transformations that Dr. Yuriy May recently delivered to patients who sought his talent and expertise as a top cosmetic dentist in Connecticut/New York. Dr. May’s focus is always natural, esthetically optimal esthetic results with long-term durability and stability.

Dr. Yuriy May Smile Makeover Veneer Smile Transformation Video

Watch how Dr. Yuriy May, top cosmetic dentist in the Tri-State area transforms the cosmetic dentistry patient with a natural smile makeover using 8 veneers. The video includes a peek into our digital dentistry workflow!