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Dr. May Patient Reviews


“I was so impressed with Dr. May and his staff!

When visiting a new dentist I like to start with a cleaning, but I chipped a tooth and needed to do something quickly before my dental benefits expired. I have chemical sensitives and for more extensive work needed to go to someone who is aware of things and trained from a health perspective and who also respects my feelings concerning my sometimes less common health issues. Mel at the front desk was wonderful. She contacted my dental insurance company and even arranged to get me samples of the crown materials to be used to consult with my naturopath! Dr. May called me back immediately with answers to my questions and I was comforted by his expertise and knowledge.

Many times a temporary dental crown is put in first until a new one is made at an external lab. Dr. May put the permanent crown in the same day with amazing technology and spent as much time with me to make sure my bite felt good. No middleman for a quick sure fit. He uses the safest materials and is current with the latest research. He said his patient’s health is most important and its evident he means it. I chose not to use novocaine and he was not flustered about it and let me know that he would work with me. He was gentle, understanding, knowledgeable and has a warm truly caring personality.

I was very impressed with the work done which is a skill like an artist! I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs anything done with their oral health. All his staff were wonderful as well which tells me he has high expectations to run things smoothly with good results. I’m so glad we have a top dentist like him in our Connecticut area. Without question in the future I will know who to go to for any procedures.”
Nancy B., Farmington, CT

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Dr. May Biological Dentist Patient Reviews

A life was changed with proper diagnosis after many failed dentist visits and dental specialist reviews. Susan’s health was restored after infected root canals were removed, metal was removed and extractions were replaced with zirconia dental implants, restored with beautiful biocompatible crowns. Listen to her speak about her journey and her newfound health.

“Dr. May is the best. Very caring and talented. He is highly motivated to be up on the very best he can do for his patients. Although I had been seen by another holistic dentist, Dr. May puts a whole new spin on the concept/practice. He’s sincerely concerned about helping you to feel and look your best. He goes the extra for you to make sure you’re happy and that all is well (and comfortable) with your oral health and how that relates to your general well being; and he knows a LOT!

In addition if you ask Dr. May something for which he has no answer, there’s no pride getting in the way of him admitting that, and attempting to try to find the answer, if he suspects it might be worthwhile. In other words he is growing and you will benefit from his process, as he will continue to share what he learns with his patients. All this is said without any solicitation and I have absolutely no relationship with anyone in the office other than as a fairly (4 visits) new patient who has received great care.

You must be prepared (as I was) to spend more out of pocket than you might for some other dentists but you’re spending that for important things you cannot get in just any dental chair. In addition I hear that his office staff does their best to work with your insurance (if you have some) to get the best coverage they can for you. Perhaps I’ll have insurance in another year or so. I expect if/when that is the case, they’ll help me with that too. Enjoy!”
Rebecca H., West Hartford, CT

“I owe this man my life. Dr. May did what no other dentist and even doctor could. I had several chronic illnesses which no medical doctor could help me find the cause of, and all they did was give me a ton of pills, made me pay over $80k in bills, and ultimately, made me worse. After meeting Dr. May, he discovered a massive bone infection under several root canals, and performed 2 cavitation procedures. My life changed within 10 days of the procedures. I felt alive again. No more pills. No more useless doctors. I trust Dr. May with my life, because that is exactly what he gave back to me. Thank you! Your biggest fan.”
Frank G., Simsbury, CT

“Dr. May has transformed the way I live my life because he completed redesigned my smile, my teeth, which resulted in amazing results for my entire face. It was life a face lift, and I daily, I receive compliments from coworkers, clients, friends, family and acquaintances that ask me what I did to look 10-15 years younger. He is a magician that turned back the clock in how I looked and more importantly, how I felt inside. I am forever grateful to Dr. May, a truly compassionate, amazingly talented and heartfelt medical professional. Thank you for changing my life.”
Susan S., West Hartford, CT

“I have never had such a wonderful, modern and frankly, “wow” experience at any dentist office I’ve ever been to. In fact, no other doctors office, not my OB/GYN, not my primary, not my Dermatologist, NO DOCTOR EVER has given me the experience, knowledge, hand holding and frankly, genuine care for my health the way Dr. May and his team have. I am speechless overtime I visit them. Dr. May is clearly the best cosmetic dentist in Connecticut (check out his before and after albums in his office – you’ll blown away), but I love him because he’s the best and most knowledgeable medical professional I’ve ever met.”
Jen K., Newington, CT

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