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Top Biological Holistic Dentist USA | Ceramic Dental Implants & Root Canal Alternatives

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Dr. Yuriy May DMD, NBD, AIAOMT,

Connecticut’s Top Biological & Implant Dentist

Official Top Dentist in Connecticut for 2017 Awarded by CT Magazine
Top Holistic Dentist in Connecticut 2017-2022 Awarded by Natural Nutmeg Magazine
Best Ceramic Implant Case Worldwide 2020 Awarded by IAOCI  Zirconia Implant Case Competition


Dr. Yuriy May, awarded Top Biological Holistic Dentist in Connecticut in 2017-2022  and Best Ceramic Implant Dentist Globally in 2020 by the IAOCI, has become known as USA’s best ceramic dental implant dentist. Dr.  May’s biological dental surgery specialization and research in Zirconia Dental Implants and Platelet Rich Fibrin Bone & Tissue Graft Regeneration Therapy have positioned him to take on full mouth cases from patients across the country, with a full spectrum of zirconia dental implant solutions ranging from SDS Zirconia Implant, Ceraroot Ceramic Implants, Z-Systems Zirconia Implants,  Zeramex Ceramic Dental Implants, Straumann Pure Ceramic Implants, and Nobel Pearl Zirconia Dental Implants. Dr. May has trained in and evolved the “All In One” biological dental technique, where surgery is minimized and condensed to include the removal of root canals, removal of dental cavitations and placement of biocompatible metal-free restorations with ceramic dental implants in a single surgery with ozone and PRF. In addition to offering root canal alternatives, Dr. May is a longstanding accredited IAOMT member and S.M.A.R.T. Certified for the safest amalgam mercury removal protocols found globally, a founding board member of  The American Society of Ceramic Implantology (“ASCI”) and a board member of The International Academy of Ceramic Implantology (“IAOCI”) and a lecturing faculty member of the ceramic dental implant program at American College of Integrative Medicine And Dentistry (“ACIMD”).  In addition to Dr. May’s surgical experience and expertise, Dr. May is a certified Level II Advanced Lightwire Functional “ALF” practitioner specializing in functional orthodontics and craniofacial reconstruction and jaw development with the transformative Advanced Lightwire Functional Appliance (ALF / A.L.F. Appliance). Dr. Yuriy May lectures and teaches all year long at the Ceramic Implant Institute and from 2018 has been heading the Ceramic Dental Implant Training Program for dentists at the American College of Integrative Medicine And Dentistry , a 2-year training program for all dentists and physicians pursuing their Naturopathic Medical Doctorate (“NMD” degree). At Natural Dentistry, the core of Dr. May’s philosophy is both uncompromising health and esthetics, meaning teeth have to look natural and absolutely beautiful. As one of the best biological and holistic dentists in the USA, Dr. Yuriy May employs the use of cosmetic dentistry, ceramic dental implants, metal-free dental implants, bone and tissue regeneration with PRF Therapy, holistic root canal extractions, non-toxic dental composites, ozone therapy, IV Nutritional Therapy and other modalities of dental treatment and prevention. Natural Dentistry accepts traveling patients from all states and abroad. Natural Dentistry has resumed welcoming international patients after the COVID restrictions have been lifted.

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Best Dental Office Connecticut USA Dr. Yuriy May - Natural Dentistry Top Dentist USA  
Welcome to the #1 State of the Art New Biological Dental Office & Ceramic Implant Surgery Center in the USA Built BRAND NEW in 2019! Dr. Yuriy May's new world-class dental facility is the most luxurious surgicaly advanced dental suite in the USA welcoming patients from all over the USA and Europe, Asia, South America and all corners of the globe. Patients searching for the most incredible zirconia implant front tooth replacement, full mouth ceramic implant reconstruction, All on 4 and All on 6 Dental Implants, Root Canal Alternatives and dental cavitations. USA's most modern and clean holistic dental surgery center is ocated midway between NYC and Boston, with convenient travel access from 4 airports nearby. Natural Dentistry's exceptional office has become known as the premier surgery center and wellness facility in the entire US, based on the futuristic technology, modern office design, ergonomic clean architecture and LEED green certified. Home to the top biological and holistic dentist, Dr. May's office touts a world class surgery suite, complete with CO2 Laser, Ozone, Piezo, HD Microscope, in-house dental lab, along with 4K video capabilities to connect with world leading surgeons in real time. Importantly, the Natural Dentistry will deliver award winning ceramic dental implant surgery, biological regenerative PRF bone and tissue grafting, full mouth rehabilitation and leading cosmetic dentistry. Natural Dentistry biological dental surgery and ceramic implant institute the #1 clinic for major full mouth reconstruction cases and a teaching facility for the industry’s leading biological dentists and dental implant surgeons.