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Full Mouth All on 6 Ceramic Implants - Zirconia Dental Implants Full Mouth

Dr. Yuriy May: Full Mouth Metal Free Ceramic Implant Reconstruction Dentist in the USA

Understanding that whenever a patient or doctor discusses the term “Full Mouth Reconstruction” especially in the context of “All on X” with the removal of all teeth and replacement with dental implants, that in itself is a very important, challenging, and life-altering discussion and procedure. However, 99.99% of the cases undertaken by dentists and surgeons in the USA and ALL over the world, will only do this procedure and life-altering surgery with titanium (metal alloy) dental implants. The challenge of full mouth reconstruction regardless of implant material risk is always present in both clinical terms, surgical complications and of course the financial burdens taken on by the patient.  However, titanium dental implants used for All on 4 Implant cases also carry the risk of hypersensitivity, allergic reactions and peri-implantitis known as “material risk” as an additional challenge.

Are All on 4 All on 6 All on 8 (and more per arch) Dental Implants possible on Metal-Free Ceramic Implants? YES!

Is DOUBLE Arch Full Mouth reconstruction on metal-free ceramic implants possible? YES!

Can chronically ill and metal-allergic and patients with autoimmune dysregulation get safe mouth reconstruction safely? YES!

Once a patient like yourself has determined that full mouth reconstruction with All on X Dental Implants for a Full Arch is a viable and necessary procedure, what choice does a patient have in materials? What if you have autoimmune disorders? Or have had a prior oncology diagnosis? What if you are highly reactive to chemicals and foreign materials? What if you have CIRS, Lyme, Hashimotos, mold sensitivity, PEFM sensitivity?

In choosing a dentist for such a large undertaking, what dentist have you met that will actually give you DENTAL MATERIAL CHOICE? Virtually None. But now you’ve found Dr. Yuriy May in the USA – who has done full mouth double and single arch All on 6 on titanium and All on 4 All on 6 All on 8 Dental Implants in zirconia dental implants, as in 100% metal-free. In the last few years has become an internally renowned expert in offering this same solution with metal-free zirconia implants. That means, at Natural Dentistry Center, located right outside of New York City and close to Boston, we perform 100% of our full mouth reconstruction All on X surgeries METAL-FREE with zirconia implants and full zirconia beautiful teeth.

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All On 4/6/8/10 Implants: Titanium Implants vs Zirconia Implants? Dental material choice for the full mouth.

However, patients all over the globe don’t have many choices like they do when they consider single tooth implants which allow a much wider diversity of zirconia dental implants to be chosen over titanium alloy dental implants. Over 3 new brands were introduced by the FDA in the USA between 2018-2020 and now Dr. May has the ability to place SDS, Zeramax, Z-Systems, Ceraroot, Zibone, Straumann Pure, and Nobel Pearl Zirconia metal-free implants. But the popularity of a biocompatible dental implant has significantly increased across USA and Europe with 3 new ceramic implant manufacturers receiving FDA approvals between 2018 and 2020, allowing more zirconia implant tools for experts like Dr. May to take on more challenging cases and more options and accessibility for ceramic implant patients.

Finding the Right Full Mouth Zirconia Implant Dentist:

Dr. May is only 1 of less than 5 dentists in the entire country (USA) offering Full Arch Zirconia Implant Restorations, from 4 to 10 zirconia implants on a single arch. Technically, one would call that that “Ceramic All on 4 Implants” and can substitute any number of zirconia implant on the full arch all the way to “Zirconia All on 10 Metal-Free Full-Arch Implants” And the answer is, the entire surgery, every single implant component and the final prosthetic is 100% METAL FREE!  In fact, Natural Dentistry is only USA based biological surgery dentist that perform All-In-One Biological Surgery Concept. The All-In-One Biological Surgery Concept means ALL surgery (extractions, sinus lifts, PRF grafting, ozone, alveoplasty, zirconia implant placement and a full temporary prosthetic is done in a single surgery, in a single day) and temporary restorative work is done between 4-6 hours in a single day and a single surgery. By many accounts, patients flying into Natural Dentistry for this life-changing surgery and full mouth ceramic rehabilitation do so as Dr. Yuriy May is considered the best not only for his protocols and surgical experience but due to his most esthetic results. The cases performed in our USA office are everything from highly predictable to extraordinary challenging, often involving all teeth being removed and replaced with zirconia dental implants but in some cases, based on patient desire and clinical specifics, mixed dentition (which means savings some natural teeth).

What is the All-In-Once Dental Concept as it applies in dental surgery and biological dentistry?

The All-In-One-Dental Concept is performing only ONE single surgery for a patient to complete all extractions, infection removal, tissue and bone grafting, all jaw bone recontouring and immediate implant placement with immediate temporary teeth.  Almost ALL of Natural Dentistry’s patients choose this approach to biological dental surgery for several reasons including minimizing risks and complications, reduce time to restoration and achieve more predictable results. Many of our traveling patients from California, Texas, Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Arizona, you-name-the-state _____ patients have an additional reason to appreciate and seek out Dr. May for the Zirconia Dental Implants Surgery All-In-One-Dental Approach as it is naturally optimized for the logistics of traveling from out of state. While not always the case, many times the All-In-One-Ceramic Implant Surgeries avoid sinus lifts as the sinus lift procedures typically add an additional risk level and a higher degree of complications post-surgically and Dr. May has exclusively developed ceramic implant surgical techniques and immediate zirconia implant placement techniques to avoid sinus lifts.

Zirconia Implants for Full Mouth in USA or Switzerland?

The choices for seeing the top experts in the industry are either Dr. Yuriy May in Connecticut USA or Dr. Ulrich Volz SDS Dental Clinic in Switzerland. The main differences are, apart from choosing USA vs Switzerland, is unlike the SDS clinic, all of Natural Dentistry’s surgeries and restorations are performed by the one and only Dr. May while at Switzerland they have a team of restorative dentists, surgeons, and lab technicians who will be working on the patient during their stay. While we can coordinate with Dr. Volz and the SDS clinic on cases, since all of our cases are done in a single surgery in a single day, we often only coordinate finishing unfinished cases for zirconia implant restorations for patients that didn’t have crowns/full prosthetics completed at SDS. On occasion, we remake crowns and prosthetics for purely esthetic reasons if the patient desires a more USA oriented smile design. Since both Natural Dentistry Center and SDS follow the “all in one” protocol which condenses the surgeries into one single surgery or procedure, there are not a lot of patients with partially finished surgical work (as opposed to restorative work) that either need additional surgery at our USA office or that need surgery after seeing Dr. May to be completed in Switzerland. We very much respect SDS Switzerland’s clinical work and recommend that as the only other safe and predictable option other than Natural Dentistry Center in the USA for your full mouth metal-free reconstruction with zirconia dental implants.

If you are a traveling patient, we see patients from all over the USA and abroad and you can find travel information for your trip here

Call/text the patient concierge to learn more (860)554-1130 (Responses available only AFTER the new patient form request is filled out, click here


All on 8 Zirconia Implant Ceramic All Implants with Zirconia Bridge All on 4 All on 8 Dental Implants Metal-Free Implants Ceramic Implant Natural Dentistry Ceramic Implants USA

What is the Main Difference Between Titanium “All on 6” Full Arch Implants and Zirconia Ceramic “All on 6” Dental Implants?

Titanium All on 4 All on 6 Surgery Techniques, Placement and Options
Understanding that Titanium implants, which have been used by surgeons and skilled dentists for full mouth reconstruction and implant-supported prosthetics for decades, are made by over 50 implant manufactures and come in all shapes, sizes, connections, and have what is known as “custom abutments” which allow the titanium implants to be far more forgiving in the hands of a surgeon or skilled full mouth reconstruction dentists. Titanium dental implants are 99.9% placed as 2 piece implants – which means a small and tolerable mistake in location and angle of Titanium Implant placement can easily be fixed with a custom titanium abutment, which will even out the missed angle or the slightly skewed placement. In addition, surgeons and implant dentists are ONLY trained to place titanium implants and so it is the most mainstream and accessible solution for full mouth reconstruction and all on X implants for most individuals that require and/or seek this treatment choice. Now that we’ve covered titanium implant advantages being 1) they are mass-produced by over 50 manufactures and have unlimited variations to their technical lineups and product selection 2) they have the ability to have custom abutments made to make the case easier to restore or to fix any less than perfect implant placement, offering a forgiving solution to conventional surgeons and implant dentists 3) which allows them to be used as angled implants (angled means not parallel in the mouth) since the custom abutments can be angled in a reverse direction to achieve the appropriate angulation with which to attach a prosthetic. Sounds a little complicated? Well, it should – you’re not a dentist, are you? Once you finish reading this page, we will provide you with a form to fill out and guidance on how to get in touch with us to make an appointment and get more information, or schedule or 2nd or 3rd (or 4th) opinion with us.

Ceramic Implant All on 4 All on 6 Surgery Techniques, Placement and Restorative Options
Next, moving on to zirconia implants, which are placed by ONLY the highest skilled dental implant experts and few oral surgeons who have been trained to place zirconia dental implants. While zirconia implants have been approved in the USA by the FDA since 2007 and have over 20 years of research, there are still limited manufacturers and limited brands distributing these implants. All of the FDA available brands in the USA are utilized by Dr. Yuriy May, and very few another ceramic implant knowledgeable dentists use ALL brands the way Dr. May does at Natural Dentistry Center. The zirconia implant brands available in the USA and are used at Natural Dentistry include SDS, Z-Systems, Ceraroot, Zeramax, Straumann Pure, Nobel Pearl, TAV Dental, and Zibone. It’s important to understand that while zirconia dental implants are VERY strong, they have less flexural give than a metal alloy implant. This limits the ceramic implants to being manufactured with very little angulation and 95% of zirconia dental implants are made completely straight.

What this means is zirconia implants in a full arch must be placed perfectly “parallel” otherwise the restorative aspects will be extremely difficult and increase the likelihood of failure and zirconia bridge breakage (in addition to implant failure long term). This is the reason why titanium implant oral surgeons, periodontists and dentists who may find a way to do an “easy” All On 4 Dental Implant case with titanium CANNOT do the same with ceramic implants. A full arch with zirconia dental implants requires a lot more skill with every day placing ceramic dental implants AND requires experience with All on 4 All on 6 cases from surgery and restorative perspectives. Putting those together, you have a unique combination of Natural Dentistry Center which has become the authoritative expert, leader and biological surgery center in the USA.

Ceramic vs Titanium Implant Placement Explained - Zirconia Implant Full Mouth Reconstruction All on 4 6 Ceramic Implant Zirconia Implant Dentist Best Ceramic Full Mouth Implant Dentist Upper Arch metal Free Implants Best Zirconia Implant Surgeon

Ceramic Implants Full Mouth and Zirconia Implant All on 4/6/8/10 Dental Implant Cases – Photos Before & After

All on 6 Metal-Free Upper Arch – Zirconia Dental Implants with Zirconia Metal-Free Permanent Bridge – Case Discussion

This is a classic, beautiful All on 6 Ceramic Dental Implant Upper Arch case completed with Z-Systems one-piece zirconia dental implants. All dental implants placed were one-piece ceramic dental implants after the patient chose the treatment option to remove all infected root canals and non-restorable teeth affected by years of periodontal disease and bone loss.

Case Dynamics: With missing teeth in the posterior regions for years the sinuses had dropped requiring sinus lifts in the back maxillary molar regions if the patient wanted 8-10 zirconia implants placed. However, with most of Natural Dentistry’s patients choosing to minimize risks and complications, reduce time to restoration and because of the logistics of traveling from out of state, opt for the All-In-One-Dental Approach. The All-In-One-Dental Concept is doing 1 surgery for all extractions, all tissue and bone grafting, all jaw bone re-contouring, and immediate implant placement with immediate temporary teeth.  With both the recommendation and the patient choice, the decision was made in this full mouth All on 6 zirconia implant case to avoid sinus lifts and expedite healing time. This required absolutely PERFECT parallel placement and exact placement to avoid the sinuses and achieve the perfect AP spread. As you see, the results are flawless and there were no complications.

Upper All on 6 Ceramic Implant Case Conclusion: The patient’s surgery to final restoration was completed in 6 months – this patient flew in from North Carolina for surgery and is happily 4 years post-op with no complications and living life to the fullest. The patient works as a holistic oncology patient advisor to help patients find alternative medical treatments to conventional oncology treatments and had done significant research about root canal alternatives, root canal infections, periodontal disease, and autoimmune implications and the connection between


Ceramic Dental Implant All on 7 and All on 8 – Double Arch – Single Surgery – Immediate Load Temporary Bridge (Upper and Lower Arch Temporary) Case Discussion

A full mouth double jaw reconstruction100% metal free completed by with Zirconia Implants applying DOUBLE JAW All-In-One-Surgery Concept performed the USA with SDS Dental Implants by Dr. Yuriy May at Natural Dentistry Center and in concert with the Ceramic Implant Institute.

Case Details: A single surgery lasting just under 5 hours with another hour of restorative time for temporary teeth on all upper and lower ceramic implants planned, placed, and immediately loaded by Dr. Yuriy May. Within the morning surgery, a total of 17 extractions were completed, PRF 100% natural bone grafting was done and 15 SDS zirconia implants were immediately placed and immediately temporarily restored with esthetic temporary teeth within the single surgery. All on 7 Ceramic Dental Implants were placed on the upper arch, without the need for any sinus lifts. A total of 8 SDS zirconia implants were placed on the lower arch, in parallel placement style, of which 7 were 1 piece ceramic implants and 1 one molar implant was a 2-piece ceramic implant. The patient had numerous consultations prior to choosing Natural Dentistry for her choosing treatment and surgery and had specifically wanted to avoid titanium metal implants and to have as few surgeries as possible. The goal was to extract all infected root canals and non-restorable teeth affected by years of decay and neglect.

Case Dynamics: Patient had missing teeth in one of the lower posterior regions for years and bilaterally (both sides) of the upper teeth. During this time, the sinuses had dropped requiring sinus lifts in the back maxillary molar regions. Like most of Natural Dentistry’s patients choosing to minimize risks and complications, reduce time to restoration this patient opted for the All-In-One-Dental Approach in which 1 surgery accomplished all extractions, all tissue and bone grafting, all jaw bone re-contouring, and immediate implant placement with immediate temporary teeth on the maxilla and mandible. No sinus lifts were required and the patient was walking and talking during the surgery as only mild conscious sedation was required. The patient had minimal swelling and was talking beautifully and smiling normally within 6 days of surgery (the post-op results in terms of jaw mobility, swelling and tissue response were excellent, some used the word “incredible”).

15 Zirconia Implants Placed in 1 Surgery – Upper All on 7 Ceramic Implants and All on 8 Ceramic Implants DOUBLE ARCH All-In-One Case Conclusion: The patient’s surgery to final restoration is expected to be delivered within 6 months of the surgery – the patient is “local” and located only 3 hours away and drove in from Boston area for surgery and is extremely happy with her immediate post-op results with no complications and living life to the fullest while still in her temporaries. The patient is expected to be fully restored with beautiful metal-free full-arch implant-supported bridges for both upper and lower teeth (implant-supported prosthetics) in 2021.

Ceramic Dental Implants All on 6 Double Arch Full Mouth Zirconia Dental Implant All on 8 All on 4 Metal Free Implants Best Implant Dentist USA Natural Dentistry Dr. Yuriy May

All on 8 Ceramic Implants Upper & 3 Zirconia Implants Lower Arch Case – Zirconia Dental Implant Full Mouth Case Discussion

Details Coming Soon! Questions?

All on 4 All on 6 Zirconia Implant Full Mouth Reconstruction All on 4 Ceramic Dental Implants Dr. Yuriy May Best Zirconia Implant Dentist Implants Full Mouth Reconstruction Before and After Best Ceramic Implant Dentist

All on 6 Lower Arch Metal-Free Implants – Zirconia Dental Implant Full Mouth Case

This is a All on 6 Zirconia Dental Implant patient for lower arch full mouth All on 6 with Zirconia One Piece SDS Implants with an immediately loaded prosthetic that is going to be replaced after 2 weeks to much more esthetic arch to wear for the 4-5 month healing phase. Initially, this traveling patient initially had 1 remaining lower broken tooth and several infected root tips. More Details Coming Soon! Questions?

All on 6 Ceramic Implants Zirconia Implants Metal Free Ceramic Implants Full Mouth Reconstruction Before and After Best Ceramic Implant Dentist

Ceramic Implant Full Mouth Mixed Dentition Case Discussion 10 Zirconia Implants Full Mouth – Why not a Metal-Free All on 6 or All on 8?

Summary: The patient case discusses a full mouth reconstruction case where 10 Zirconia dental implants were place and where the patient desperately wanted to save any remaining teeth with an acceptable prognosis. Based on discusses and objectives of the patient with Dr. May’s assessment, the case was treatment planned a full mouth metal-free reconstruction case with mixed dentition (retaining natural teeth & replacing non-restorable/infected root canals with ceramic zirconia metal-free dental implants).  This case placed 10 zirconia implants, including Seven Z-Systems one-piece ceramic implants and Three Zeramax 2-piece zirconia dental implants.  This case is unique in that it’s a full mouth reconstruction that retained several natural teeth with an acceptable near-term prognosis which is highly unusual as keeping few natural teeth in an overall compromised oral environment tends to reduce long-term predictability of the case and successful outcomes. However, when patient objectives are made clear and Dr. May’s assessment of the overall prognosis is explicitly communicated and risk is accepted by the patient, a mixed dentition case is possible for full mouth reconstruction.

Case Dynamics:  Surgical treatment was performed in a single 4 hour surgery and included 12 extractions and 10 implants were immediately placed with an immediate load temporary for the ceramic upper implants splinted (attached) to the natural remaining teeth. Three Zeramax 2-piece ceramic implants were placed in the left molar regions and the rest of the implants were expertly placed into areas of extractions and avoiding close contact with the natural remaining teeth. The patient also had several cavitation sites next to root canals that were debrided in the same surgery, allowing the patient to experience a rebound in health, as described in a video testimonial by the patient using her own words. Because the case was NOT a full arch All on 6 or 8 case and instead was individual ceramic implants placed in between natural teeth, most of the restorations were individual implant-supported biocompatible crowns and biocompatible crowns on natural teeth. The patients esthetic goal was to look age-appropriated the not to deviate from her existing general looks and so the crowns and bridges were designed to look as natural as possible while reflecting the shades and contours that complement the patient’s face and smile esthetically.



More Details Coming Soon! Questions?

Ceramic Implants Full Mouth Reconstruction 10 Zirconia Dental Implants Mixed Dentition Full Mouth Metal-Free Zirconia Implants Dr. Yuriy May USA